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Nail Serivces

Dazzle Dry Manicure- Starting at $40

Dazzle Dry Pedicure- Starting at $50

Dazzle Dry Mani/Pedi Combo- Starting at $85

Express DD Manicure- Starting at $35

Express DD Pedicure- Starting at $45

Express DD Mani/Pedi Combo- Starting at $75

Dazzle Dry Polish Change- Starting at $20

Deluxe Foot Ritual-Starting at $55

Soak away stress with this relaxing yet revitalizing foot ritual. Includes foot exfoliation and massage of feet and legs. Pedicure NOT included. 

No Polish Manicure- Starting at $35

No Polish Pedicure- Starting at $45

No Polish Mani/Pedi Combo- Starting at $75

Shellac Manicure- Starting at $55 

Shellac (No chip) Removal- Starting at $20

Hard Gel Manicure- Starting at $65

Hard gel is much more durable then its little sister Shellac. It's a self-leveling gel that can be molded, shaped and refilled just like acrylic. It's a nail enhancement like acrylic, except it cures in a UV light. It's stronger than acrylics and more flexible too. Starting at $65- can vary depending on length

Dip Powder Nails- Starting at $60

Acrylic Full Set - Starting at $65

Acrylic Fill with Polish - Starting at $60

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